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What is a Quaker?

These coffee beans, which are very difficult to distinguish while still raw, are generally unripe fruits. It is said that the reason behind is that they don't have enough sugar and starch formation in the fruit due to bad soil conditions.

These unripe beans with a high amino acid content always remain lighter in color compared to other beans and are easily distinguishable. It is difficult to roast; that is, no matter how much energy is given, the chemical components that will provide caramelization and Maillard reactions are few and therefore they always remain light in color.

On the palate; leaves undesirable bitterness, dryness, burnt popcorn, grain, peanut flavors.

This incident is more common for natural processed beans because there is usually no operation in which the beans are thrown into water-filled tanks and the floating ones are removed during this process. Since the fruits collected from the trees go directly to the drying beds, the floating "quaker" beans cannot be removed, and since it is impossible to distinguish them in green form, they become separable only after roasting, upon their light colors.

It is common in coffees from countries such as Brazil since their production is mechanical and because the beans are not hand-picked, all the fruits on the tree are harvested simultaneously.

Even though these beans, which are said to have bad tastes on their own, are added to good beans at the rate of 10%, they may not be felt on the palate gustatorily, but we have reserved them so that you can experience the unique flavors of these light-colored beans that you may have noticed in the packages or in the grinder hoppers.

This coffee, which you can find in our web shop, will always be in limited quantities because we encounter such beans rarely due to the high quality of our coffees.

Let's identify the beans with a few images.

The first frame is entirely filled with these unripe beans.

Among the beans you see in the second frame, light colored ones can be easily distinguished.

In the third frame, two bowls are side by side.

I would like to warn you: These beans are not very tasty, but they are an opportunity for roasters and baristas and even hobbyists. I do not know how much they aim to contribute to the sector, the roasters in the country that swagger! Nevermind, no problem! Everyone has the right to drink bad coffee too!

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