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Using 3 Layers of Paper for Kalita Wave

When I decided to use Wave 185 to make coffee this morning and reached for the filter bag, 3 papers came to my hand. With the power of laziness, I decided to brew with 3 papers.

Contrary to my estimation, 3 layers of paper did not slow down the brewing time excessively, I can't even say that there was a significant delay because the total brewing was done in 4 minutes.

I used 23 grams of newly roasted La Huaca. The total fluid I output was 368 milliliters.

The water is Damla Köyceğiz again and its temperature is 94 degrees Celsius.

Kalita Wave 185

I made a total of two pours for the brew and the drips and the flow rate were up to standard. The clarity in the cup was the same. Same for the flavors. I think the only conclusion that can be drawn for this brew is that I wasted 3 papers. :(

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