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How do you like your coffee?

Drinking coffee is about staying in the moment and focusing on experiences!

"My coffee should be high in glucose and lactose, and it should be take away so that I can better absorb the sticky and chemical substances (polyethylene, bpa, pvc). Moreover, we are already in such a hurry that just drinking the coffee and waking up is often our problem. It doesn't seem to matter what we drink and how we drink it. Now we have the luxury/opportunity to choose coffee beans and we should.

When I started the sector in 2006 as Bursa's first female barista (!) (don't worry, I won't tell a success story), the range was so narrow that you wouldn't believe the coffees I served and drank. Nowadays, the sector has developed so much, believe me, we are very lucky. We have to choose the coffee beans and the main thing to consider when choosing coffee beans is the flavour profile and freshness.

Which farm it came from, what the coffee roaster is aiming for, what kind of flavours you will get? Here, for example, we can understand whether the coffee will appeal to us or not.

In a coffee shop, it is the most essential task of the barista to ensure that the guests always experience the same taste and standard of coffee. And from this we can understand that the barista, like the imprint of the coffee, hosts an important and difficult task in this regard. Do not forget that the journey of coffee from the field to the cup and the enormous labour will open completely different doors for you even in one sip.

Smell the coffee you brew at home or order at the coffee shop, feel the smell of coffee by breathing deeply. Isn't it a unique experience? :)

Drink your first sip carefully; focus on the temperature, flavour profile, your body's reaction.

Live in the moment, focus only on the experience of drinking coffee.

Say thank you while drinking your coffee. Appreciate the labour that goes into growing and preparing coffee beans.

Memorise this experience and try to carry this attitude of gratitude into your next coffee experience.

You now realise that you can choose your coffee and the barista by focusing only on the action you are taking at that moment - the experience of drinking coffee. Instead of waking up to coffee, or drinking glucose-fuelled coffee-ish things that spike your blood sugar, you can have a much better experience, and you deserve it.

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