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Brewing a V60 with Espresso Ratio

We are starting a new series under the title of weekly trials. At the beginning of the week, we will try and write something simple that comes to mind for that moment. This will include made-up recipes, silly ideas, confirming hearsays, etc.

Today I thought of something like this: What happens if we brew filter coffee with espresso ratio, that is 1:2 or 1:3?

That's what this whole series is all about! We won't know until we try.

I don't like to give recipes for coffee, but this time I have to.

Coffee: 18 grams

Grind: 20 on Encore

Water: 54 grams

92 Celsius (Espresso machine average temperature)

Damla Köycegiz spring water

I kept the bloom stage about 1 minute and the coffee:water ratio for bloom changes according to the water holding feature of the coffee. By adding water a little by little, I stop the bloom and tare the scale when the first coffee drops. Thus, we can better track the actual amount of coffee that will drip down.

The duration can be usual as always. I waited 1 minute. Then I added all the water, which is already 54 grams at all.

This is what the bed looks like when the brewing is done. Amount of coffee is only this, takes up that much space in the V60 jug.

Total time is about one and a half minutes.

The most important thing, of course, is the taste. Due to its density-body-hardness paradox this coffee reminded me coffee made with a moka pot which is cooled down. It has the characteristics of the filtration method. The flavors are crisp, tangy. But the flavors are very concentrated. This type of person would like this coffee: If you sometimes have a sweet tooth and taste a teaspoon of grape molasses occasionaly or if you prefer ristretto espresso instead of ordinary espresso or if you eat spicy chips after licking the outside of it, this flavor-intense coffee may be suitable for you.

Remember, there is no right or wrong in this series. We'll be as silly as we can! That's why you can find faults in techniques, strange tastes, ulterior motives, treachery. Just relax!


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