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Villa Donia - Panama

Region: Boquete

Altitude: 1450 meters
Producer: Don Plinio Ruiz

Variety: Pacamara

Process: Natural

Harvest: 2023

Score: 87,25


Flavor Notes: Rose - Apple - Apricot - Hibiscus - Sugar Beet


Weight: 200 grams


​​ In 2004, Sing and Donia bought a small plot of land 1450 metres above sea level in the Volcancito region of Boquete and started growing coffee. In the following years, they established a permanent presence in the Boquete region and invested time and effort to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the cultivation of rare varieties. As 2014 approached, they decided to plant the Pacamara variety on a private plot of land and harvest the first crop, planting their first coffee, the Pacamara variety, in the fertile soil of Boquete.


By 2018, these strategic moves had yielded results, and the dedicated measures taken were reflected in outstanding tasting results. The studies carried out go beyond the production cycle of a coffee farm, but also offer a scientific perspective on the cultivation and processing of the coffee plant. In this perspective, elements such as soil analyses, plant growth processes, harvest timing and processing methods are meticulously considered.


Sing and Donia's endeavours are shaped by scientific diligence while aiming to contribute to the coffee industry. From the purchase of their land in 2004 to the first harvest in 2018, they have accumulated significant knowledge not only on flavour but also on the biological and ecological dynamics of the coffee plant. This unique endeavour is a concrete example of how coffee production is not only a business, but also a field of scientific discovery. This unique coffee is carefully processed in the coffee processing facilities of Don Plinio Ruiz, former President of SCA Panama, with Ruiz's more than 40 years of experience and knowledge.


The natural coffee process is a method in which the coffee fruit is dried directly in the sun without removing the beans. This is a technique in which the coffee beans come into contact with the mucilage of the fruit during drying, allowing the fruit pulp to pass into the bean. This special method is generally preferred by producers who want to achieve a high quality, unique flavour profile and fruity aromas.


The processing process of Pacamara beans grown at Villa Donia Farm is produced by Don Plinio Ruiz in the following steps:


Ripe coffee berries are carefully picked by hand. Those of equal ripeness are carefully selected. Those that are spoilt or unripe are separated from the picked berries, so that the best quality berries are processed. They are then carefully washed and cleaned. Only intact and ripe fruit is taken into the processing process. The fruit is dried in the sun or evenly spread out on ventilated platforms and left to dry. In the early days, frequent mixing is done to prevent rotting and mould. The drying process usually takes 20 days, but can vary depending on the humidity of the coffee and environmental factors. While the cherry is being laid out properly and left to dry, the mucilage inside the fruit naturally undergoes fermentation. Fermentation brings various chemical changes to the coffee beans and ultimately affects the flavour and aroma profile. These chemical reactions, which occur under the influence of microorganisms, cause the cell walls of the coffee beans to break down. This allows the release of the components inside the beans and consequently the formation of various flavours and aromas. The duration and effect of fermentation can vary depending on the type of coffee beans, the type of microorganisms and weather conditions. This fermentation, which takes place during the natural coffee process, ultimately contributes to the development of fruity, sweet or exotic flavors.


The skin of the dried fruits are delicately broken and the beans are carefully removed. The thin membranes remaining on the surface of the beans are carefully separated. The processed beans are carefully graded and sorted according to their size and quality.


Processing time may vary depending on the type of coffee cherries, weather conditions and other factors. This method aims to give Pacamara beans their characteristic fruity flavours and high aroma profile, providing a unique taste experience.


- The fruity notes that come from being a natural appears as a sweetness more like dried fruits. I think it is a good morning filter coffee that does not tire the palate. Apart from that, it also works very well in low ratio espressos.


- We roast the beans as omniroast. We adjust this roasting degree to reveal the characteristics of the beans at the highest level. Therefore, I recommend you not to ignore the brewing recommendations.


Can (Founder)

Villa Donia - Panama

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