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Our goal with the POSTMODERN blend is to remain within the norms of the third wave of coffee while maintaining a unique attitude.


It contains 25% Ethiopian Lekempti, 25% Brazilian Alta Mogiana, 50% Colombian Los Jovenes.


"Postmodernism is what you have when the process of modernization is complete and nature is gone forever. It is the transformation of the world into a virtual reality, a world of simulation and hyperreality where images and signs replace reality and meaning becomes arbitrary and fluid. Postmodernism is the cultural logic of late capitalism, where everything is commodified and there is nothing outside or beyond the system."


Fredric Jameson


Find out why we prefer blends in commercial grade coffee in this article.


  • Teslimat Seçenekleri

    Fethiye içine ücretsiz teslimat.

    800 ₺ üzeri siparişlerde ücretsiz kargo.

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