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Our goal in the classic blend is to give the usual strong and dark character of the second wave of coffee.


It contains 20% Tanzanian Robusta, 40% Brazilian Alta Mogiana, 40% Ethiopian Lekempti.


"Classicism, in whatever form it takes, is an art that looks to the wisdom of the past and seeks to apply timeless principles to the challenges of the present. It is the art of order, clarity and proportion, reminding us that beauty and meaning can be found in simplicity as well as in complexity."


Aldous Huxley


Find out why we prefer blends in commercial grade coffee in this article.


  • Teslimat Seçenekleri

    Fethiye içine ücretsiz teslimat.

    800 ₺ üzeri siparişlerde ücretsiz kargo.

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