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Drip Bag

The perfect combination of quality and modern convenience! Flora & Fauna and Deep Drip have come together in a collaboration that delights the palate and simplifies the enjoyment of coffee. Our commitment to carefully selected, ethically sourced beans and precision roasting is reflected in Deep Drip's innovative single-serve coffee bags, delivering a specialty coffee experience without compromise.


Region: Sidama Bensa

Altitude: 1920-2330 meters
Producer: Asefa Dukamo Korma

Variety: 74158

Process: Natural

Harvest: 2022/23

Score: 89


Flavor Notes: Rose - Cloves - Strawberry - Vanilla - Tropical Fruits - Intense Acidity

Thick Body - Lingering Aftertaste


Quantity: 5 single-use bags

Drip Bag

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