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Privacy and Membership Agreement


Company:  Exclusive right holder on the website (“Site”), headquartered in Yeşilüzümlü Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi no:75 Fethiye Muğla  Mehmet Can Kiraz is a Private Company located at the address. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").




A natural or legal person who, by connecting to the Site, accesses and displays all kinds of information, pictures or publications on this address in any way, shares his personal data by becoming a member of the Site and consents to this (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "Users").




This Membership Agreement explains the general provisions regarding the User's use of the Site, the Company's method of collecting information and the way it is used, and the method of keeping them, and regulates the obligations of the parties in this context.


From the moment the user connects to the Site, he will be deemed to have accepted all the rights and obligations in this Agreement, and he cannot claim that he did not know about the matters regulated in this agreement.


Terms of Use of the Site:


It is the User's discretion to provide the requested information while using the Site or becoming a member or shopping through the Site. If the user does not see fit, he can refrain from giving his personal information.

During the membership process, Users are requested to provide some personal information such as name-surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and if this information is not provided fully and completely, the membership request may be rejected. The Company will use Users' personal information and data in accordance with the purpose and will not share them with third parties without the User's consent. In this context, the User declares that he accepts the sending of commercial electronic messages by the Company by using the information he provided while becoming a member of the Site.

The user, the information that may be requested by the Company or transmitted by him, and the related information revealed in the transactions made on the Site, can only be used for various statistical evaluations, e-mails to be sent periodically and/or text messages/video multimedia from mobile phones without revealing their identity in any way. declares and accepts that it consents to its use in situations such as authorized communication and marketing, database creation efforts and market research via message (SMS/MMS).


Nature and Use of Personal Information:


User personal information and data can be used in the following cases:


Site Membership and Contests:

During the membership process of the Users who want to become a member of the Site, some personal information is collected to serve them better and for other appropriate purposes. The information collected in this context may be used by the Company from time to time within the scope of competitions or sweepstakes and similar activities to be organized on the Site.


Shopping on the Site and Deliveries to Be Made Related to this:

Personal information regarding Users can be used by Users for purchases made through the Site and for the delivery of products purchased after shopping.



Information about Users can be used in the development of new products, production, distribution, marketing and advertising of products. Whether or not to participate in the surveys on the Site is at the User's discretion.


Information Services:

Users agree that Company representatives can contact them using their personal information and data in order to request more information about the Company's products, their questions and requests, to provide access to certain areas within the Site, and to communicate with them about Site activities.


Personal information may also be used to provide Users with up-to-date information about product information and promotions.


Non-Personal Information and Other Information:

The Company may collect non-personal information as well as personal information on the Site. Some of this information is used for technical reasons, and some for the purposes of the site's design, sustainability, and proper display of the pages on the site.


On the Site, information such as the browser used, the operating system, the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, whether the Site has been visited by the Users before, are also collected automatically.


Updating Your Personal Information:


Users can add, correct or update the personal information on this site by using their User's passwords. The Company cannot be held responsible for the delays and problems that may occur in the services provided on the Site due to the personal information not being updated.


Being a Child:


This Site is managed in accordance with the regulations in Turkish legislation. If Site Users are children, children's access to and use of the Site must be supervised by their parents or an adult and within the framework of their permission and approval. Persons under the age of 18 cannot become members of the Site and cannot make purchases through the Site. If it is determined that the member of the site is under the age of 18, the Company immediately cancels the membership.


Collection of Non-Personal and Other Information:


In some cases, when users log into the Site, the Site may automatically record some technical information such as non-personal IP address through "Cookie" technology. This information may include the type of Internet browsers or computers of the Users, the domain address of internet service providers, the number of visits, duration and character preferences. The number of visitors to the site is followed cumulatively. Personal information of the Users is not included in this process. This information ensures that the Site is kept up-to-date and that the Site can be shaped according to the interests of the Users. This non-personal information may be shared with the Company's subsidiaries, affiliates and business partners. Users can set to prevent the use of "cookies" on their computers or to give a warning if they are used.


Security of Your Personal Information:


The Company will make every effort to ensure the security of Users' personal information and data. However, the Company does not give any guarantee to the Users regarding the security problems that may occur due to technical reasons such as security weakness, hacker (computer hacker) attack and similar situations, even though the Company provides the necessary care. Therefore, the Company is not responsible for direct or indirect damages and losses arising from the loss, unauthorized use, misuse and alteration of the User's information and data.


Other Sites:


The Site may contain links to other sites that do not belong to the Company. Such other sites are not controlled by the Company, and the Company cannot be held responsible for their content, products, services or privacy policies.


For this reason, Users are deemed to bear all risks, such as their rights being violated and their computers infected by viruses, while downloading information or uploading material on these sites. It is the User's responsibility to carefully review and accept the terms of use and privacy policies of other sites.


Downloading information from these sites may cause the use of Users' personal information and data, damage to intellectual property rights, or infect their computers with viruses. When users leave this Site or connect to another website, they should read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use of other sites. However, it is also the User's own responsibility to question the reliability of sites (including those linked to e-mail) that claim to be someone or similar to the Company. The User agrees that he cannot attribute any responsibility to the Company regarding these situations.


Resolution of Disputes:


All disputes that may arise directly and/or indirectly from the use and access of this Agreement and the Site are subject to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey.


Accordingly, Turkish Laws will be applied, and Muğla (Fethiye) Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized in the resolution of disputes, including the validity or existence of the Terms of Use. Users living in a country other than Turkey are under their own responsibility to act in accordance with the laws to which they are subject.




The company has the right and authority to transfer its rights and authorities arising from this contract to third parties.




The Company has the right to make changes to this Membership Agreement without prior notice. For this reason, Users should be aware of the changes made by regularly reading the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement. All changes are valid from the moment they are uploaded to the site. By continuing to use this Site, Users who continue to access the Site acknowledge that they are aware of these changes and approve the changed terms and conditions.




Users can forward any comments, questions, complaints and suggestions about the Site to the Company's telephone or e-mail address given below.



Yesiluzumlu District Ataturk Caddesi No:75  Fethiye/Mugla





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