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Red Bourbon


1650 - 1850 meters




Various Farms




Grape - Black Mulberry - Citrus - Honeysuckle - Smooth



Gisanga coffee is cultivated in the Mbuye Sector, Ruhango District, located in the Southern Province of Rwanda. This region, situated at an altitude between 1,650-1,850 meters above sea level, lies on the high mountains of the Congo-Nile Divide. The Central plateau of the country, known for its optimal agricultural conditions, boasts rainfall between 1,100-1,300 mm and an annual average temperature of 18°C to 20°C. The area primarily features volcanic Inceptisols, which lack the accumulation of clays, iron oxide, aluminum oxide, or organic matter, making it highly suitable for growing major food crops in Rwanda.

The coffee from this region is processed using the fully washed method, utilizing natural spring water known as "Theresa’s natural spring." This name dates back to the 1980s when the Theresa family lived in the village and used this water for home coffee processing. During the harvest period, which spans from March to June, cherries are hand-picked and delivered daily to the washing station by farmers. Upon arrival, the cherries are hand-sorted and floated to ensure only the best are processed. The same evening, the cherries are pulped using a mechanical pulper that grades the coffee beans. After pulping, the coffee undergoes fermentation for 10 to 16 hours in open tanks and is then graded in the morning using a floatation system in a channel. To protect the environment, a wastewater treatment system has been installed.

The coffee is then transferred to sorting tables under shade for pre-sorting and subsequently moved to open raised tables in the sun for drying, which can take up to three weeks. The dried beans are stored in bags for one or two months. Before export, they are cleaned using a huller machine.

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