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Country: Brazil

Region: Carmo de Minas

Altitude: 1100 - 1200 meters
Producer: Various Farms

Variety: Caturra - Catuai - Bourbon - Mundo Novo

Process: Natural

 Harvest: 2022/23

 Score: 82

Cupping Notes: Caramel - Cocoa - Molasses - Low Acidity

 Weight: 200 grams

Our "Karma" bean is a special selection from the Carmo de Minas region of the Mantequeira mountains, a region of unique nature located in the south of the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. This region is characterised by an average year-round rainfall of 1100-1600 mm and is known for its world-renowned production of quality coffee. This special selection is a careful blend of different coffee varietals grown at an altitude of 1100-1300 metres by selected and experienced producers in the region. Our blended beans are a special blend of these unique varieties and have a distinctive flavour profile.

This coffee is carefully processed using the Sun Dried method and selective harvesting to maintain quality at every stage. The coffee berries are cleaned with a special machine called a "lavador", then carefully sorted according to their density. After cleaning and grading, the coffee berries are first dried naturally in the sun for 72 hours. The drying process continues in a mechanical dryer for an additional 72 hours to ensure that the coffee beans reach the ideal moisture level. The harvest period takes place between May and August, during which time the coffee berries are processed to the highest quality standards.

 - We roast the beans as omniroast. We adjust this roasting degree to reveal the characteristics of the beans at the highest level. Therefore, I recommend you not to ignore the brewing recommendations.

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    Free delivery within Fethiye.

    Free shipping on orders over 800 ₺.

  • Micron Sieving Preference

    • Now we can pack your ground coffee according to your preference, after sieving it through a micron sieve.

    • You will be able to taste the flavors much more clearly thanks to the more refined particle distribution, which does not contain particles as fine as dust and larger pieces.

    • Moreover; in this way, you can adjust the calibration of your grinder by knowing the micron size of the coffee you receive.
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