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Country: Honduras

Region: Montecillos

Altitude: 1350 - 1550 meters
Producer: Various Farms

Variety: Ihcafe 90 - Catuai

Process: Washed

Harvest: 2023

Score: 82


Cupping Notes: Dried Fruits - Cocoa - Banana - Pomegranate - Cloves


Weight: 200 grams

This coffee is meticulously harvested from lush farms located in the beautiful landscapes of the La Paz department in south-western Honduras, close to the Montecillos Reserve. Revered by the indigenous Lenka inhabitants to be called "The Place of the Rock", this region owes its name to the rugged mountainous terrain dotted with forest canopy. With its clay loam soils and mild climate, La Paz has ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. Bathed in sunlight filtering through the dense foliage, the local coffee trees produce smaller but high quality fruit. These coffee trees thrive in the shade next to the tall banana trees, contributing to the rich biodiversity of the region.

In particular, Montecillos has the distinction of being the first region in Honduras to be granted the prestigious Geographical Indication status for the famous Café de Marcala. This recognition underlines the exceptional quality and distinctive flavour profile of the coffee beans grown in this fertile region.

Among the most respected coffee exporters in the region is Cafe Villa Florida, known locally as Caviflor. Founded forty years ago in the quaint town of Marcala in the Montecillos region of south-western Honduras, Caviflor is dedicated to the art of growing and exporting coffee. Their commitment to quality and tradition has made them a cornerstone of the local coffee industry, representing the rich heritage and unique craftsmanship synonymous with Honduran coffee.​

- We roast the beans as omniroast. We adjust this roasting degree to reveal the characteristics of the beans at the highest level. Therefore, I recommend you not to ignore the brewing recommendations.


Can (CEO)


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  • Micron Sieving Preference

    • Now we can pack your ground coffee according to your preference, after sieving it through a micron sieve.

    • You will be able to taste the flavors much more clearly thanks to the more refined particle distribution, which does not contain particles as fine as dust and larger pieces.

    • Moreover; in this way, you can adjust the calibration of your grinder by knowing the micron size of the coffee you receive.
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