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Berlina Gesha - Panama

Region: Los Naranjos

Altitude: 1585 meters
Producer: Tzanetatos Family

Variety: Gesha

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Harvest: 2022/23

Score: 91,25


Flavor Notes: Jasmine - Blackberry - Honey - Winey


Weight: 100 grams

Berlina Estate near the town of Bajo Boquete was founded in the early 1900’s by Mr Segundo Diaz. A soldier turned farmer and family man, Mr Diaz settled down in Boquete after Panama won independence from Gran Colombia. With enough wild growing Typica coffee trees to kick off a 30 hectare productive estate, Mr Diaz felt he was blessed with perfect coffee growing conditions. It was a difficult run of things though, and after a few ups and downs through the 20th century saw Berlina Estate return to its full glory, and since the 1930’s, it’s consistently been rewarded with Best of Panama titles.


A dedicated team of First Nations peoples called the Ngäbe are careful stewards of the land, cultivating and nurturing delicate, delicious and abundant coffee harvests. Berlina Estate is an 84-hectare farm located in the Boquete District in northern Panama. The farm has been owned by the Tzanetatos family since 1997, but is named after the previous owner's wife from Berlin, Germany. Clemente Vega manages the farms of the Berlina Estate and the approximately 300 workers employed during the harvest. When it comes to their coffee, Clemente ensures that all cherries picked for Berlina Estate's production are 100% ripe. To guarantee the highest quality and intensity of flavour, they manually sort out the cherries that do not meet their standards.  Management of Berlina Estate is pursued by Clemente Vega, who is an agronomist extraordinaire, with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has overseen the production of the washed lots of coffee Berlina is famous for.


- Both Geshas in our selection are good representatives of their kind. This coffee is superbly balanced, with sweetness and floral notes and great acidity. If brewed well, the fermentation notes are more noticeable. For this you need either an espresso or a brew in the ideal range.


- We roast the beans as omniroast. We adjust this roasting degree to reveal the characteristics of the beans at the highest level. Therefore, I recommend you not to ignore the brewing recommendations.


Can (Founder)

Berlina Gesha - Panama

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