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New Oriente Man BW




Nueva Oriente


Pache - Bourbon - Caturra - Catuai


1300 - 1600 meters




Various Farms




Loquat - Peach - Lavender - Bitter Almond - Hazelnut



This coffee comes from various farms in the Nueva Oriente region in the eastern highlands of Guatemala. Characterised by frequent rainfall and cloud cover, Oriente lies on a volcanic mountain range and its soil is therefore rich and complex. Unlike soils found in areas with more recent volcanic activity, this soil has a mineral balance that distinguishes it as uniquely favourable to coffee cultivation, a tradition that has developed in this region since the 1950s, mainly under the management of small-scale producers.


The meticulous process of sun-dried processing begins with careful washing and cleaning of the post-harvest fruit to remove foreign fluorides. From the harvested fruit, only the ripest and highest quality specimens are selected for further processing. These selected fruits embark on a journey to the ground, where they are tenderly laid out to enjoy the gentle caress of the sun, meticulously rotated to ensure even drying and methodically calibrated for optimum results.

This is followed by the art of natural fermentation, one of the longest methods in the coffee processing repertoire, a patient alchemy that continues for 3 to 4 weeks. During this transformative period, the coffees undergo a metamorphosis, the outer shell takes on a deep, attractive colour and the precious beans inside are freed from their dried pulp; this transformation is heralded by the distinctive touch of the bean against the now dried shell. This delicate drying dance continues until the moisture content of the beans reaches a delicate balance of 12%.


Once this delicate balance has been achieved, the coffees are collected in sacks to facilitate moisture exchange and preserve them in optimal condition. The journey of these beans culminates in the final stage, when they enter the cappuccino sorting machine, where all traces of the outer layers are meticulously removed, revealing the unspoilt essence inside. Carefully packed in 69-kilogram jute sacks with GrainPro protection, these exquisite beans are ready for the journey to international markets, carrying the essence of Oriente's fertile land and the dedication of its protectors.

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