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Kardeşler BW




Alta Mogiana Mineira


Yellow Catuai - Acaia


1080 - 1270 meters


Anaerobic Natural


Laerce Franca Faleiros




Winey - Black Grape - Cocoa - Lemon - Tea-like - Hops



The owner of the El Dorado farm, Mr. Laerce Franca Faleiros, has been working with coffee for more than 55 years. He is married to Mrs Maria Lucia, Vilhena, daughter of Mr Vilhena. The both families, Vilhena and Faleiros are entrepreneurs and have a very long tradition of producing great coffees.

Today the farm is managed by Mr Laerce’s son Elvis, he is the second generation and his whole life has been in the world of coffee. He wants to leave a legacy for his children through sustainable production, looking for quality coffees and sending better coffee direct from farm for the most demanding customers.

He started with the fermentation process 6 years ago in 2014 at the beginning of this wave in Brazil. High quality was of the utmost importance and they tried it with lots of options including lemon, tangerine and other incredible fruits. The natural processed coffees in all 7 farms of the El Dorado group have intensely sweet flavours. Honey process is also used which helps with the intensity of the sweetness and amazing caramel notes. Eldorado is one of the pearls of Alta Mogiana and has already accomplished a number of awards. New drying processes like raised African beds and controlled fermentation were implemented on the last crop of 2018-19. Beside the microlots, Eldorado has a large production of specialty coffees with grades of between 83 and 85 points, becoming a key supplier for large and medium and large importers around the world.

A city with perfect climate, altitude & temperatures for growing coffee, Ibiraci has already produced several coffee champions in teh Alta Mogiana quality championships. In 2019 they gained 1st place in the Cup of Excellence Brazil edition. It is no accident that the mai economic activity of the city is coffee production.

In 2001, Mr Laerce Franca Faleiros founded the Cooperative de Cafeicultores de Ibaraci – Cocapil, where the coffees are received, prepared and stores in the family’s warehouse. In 2020, Cocapil received more than 300,000 bags (60kg) of coffee. Working only with fine and specialty coffees, the cooperative is able to promote the farms as a Direct Trader with 100% traceability in the warehouses. In their coffee lab, every single lot is tasted in order to match the desired cupping profiles of the end customers. They are pioneers on the transparency of commercial relationships with the producers, and that their coffee lots reach high grades according to the SCA cupping methodology, paying a better price to their members.

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